Every Picture Tells Two Stories

You know what happens when you get 5 webmasters on a phone call and the subject of Google duplicate image penalties comes up? The answer is easy — an argument. Each of us had ideas as to what was happening after hearing this rumor. None of us knows what Google is doing and some didn’t think there was a penalty.

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Speeding Things Up With Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Have you ever had a situation where you were so excited to do something on your website and then you were told to wait? Usually this was a developer or someone in IT. This often happened to us when trying to install simple code on a website. By simple, I mean code snippets you use for analyzing and monitoring your site. Believe it or not, Google may have a “Win-Win” solution called Google Tag Manager (GTM) that appeases marketing, IT and site owners. You can use it for more than Google products.

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