Balancing Expectations and Email Permissions

Dailog asking for email and zip code

For many webmasters, a key goal is building a list of emails. This makes sense when you have a newsletter or want to communicate to your audience outside of the site.

In the case of eCommerce sites, the email can be crucial as you may need it to communicate about order progress or problems. In setting up for emails, you need to balance expectations as there is always a tipping point where the prospect or client won’t proceed.

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My Kingdom for an Email Address

Once in a blue moon, this dragon does shop. I was reading an email newsletter yesterday when I saw an ad from an online retailer. Instead of reading the article, I clicked through to learn more about the store and its offerings. My expectations utterly changed when I got to the site. I wondered if this online tactic had been tested, and then I saw it again.

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