What’s the Meaning of the Google Chrome “Not Secure” Label

Despite Google giving web developers advance notice, I think a lot of people are going to be caught off guard by the upcoming “Not Secure” connection security label that will start showing in the Google Chrome.

As a result, your viewers and users might be confused and start asking questions. This is particularly true for content management sites (CMS) that have a login link.
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Ghostery Reveals More than the Invisible Web

Like many of you, I have many roles when it comes to websites. I worry about privacy and performance. Another part of me likes to see what other sites are doing. For example, what services are other websites using? It’s not often that you find a free browser tool that covers privacy and competitive intelligence. [Read more…]

Use Web Analytics to Size and Prioritize Problems

This morning I was doing some last minute checks on an A/B split test. I ran the new page through different browsers to make sure my code didn’t break anything. It was then I noticed an error. I checked the original page and saw the same problem. The next question was determining how many people are impacted by this bug. To answer this, I used my web analytics program.
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