How to Exclude Data from Google Analytics

Google Analytics location report by city.

Recently I was reviewing some Google Analytics data for another site and noticed some anomalies. While we often rejoice at getting a traffic bump, it doesn’t help if the traffic is garbage. We had a lot of traffic coming from Boardman, Oregon. As soon as they hit the site, they were gone. In this case, we wanted to exclude the traffic from showing in Google Analytics.

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Use Web Analytics to Size and Prioritize Problems

Example of IE6 browser issue with image backgrounds

This morning I was doing some last minute checks on an A/B split test. I ran the new page through different browsers to make sure my code didn’t break anything. It was then I noticed an error. I checked the original page and saw the same problem. The next question was determining how many people are impacted by this bug. To answer this, I used my web analytics program.

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