Use Web Analytics to Size and Prioritize Problems

Example of IE6 browser issue with image backgrounds

This morning I was doing some last minute checks on an A/B split test. I ran the new page through different browsers to make sure my code didn’t break anything. It was then I noticed an error. I checked the original page and saw the same problem. The next question was determining how many people are impacted by this bug. To answer this, I used my web analytics program.

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Speeding Things Up With Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Have you ever had a situation where you were so excited to do something on your website and then you were told to wait? Usually this was a developer or someone in IT. This often happened to us when trying to install simple code on a website. By simple, I mean code snippets you use for analyzing and monitoring your site. Believe it or not, Google may have a “Win-Win” solution called Google Tag Manager (GTM) that appeases marketing, IT and site owners. You can use it for more than Google products.

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Monitoring Your Kingdom with Pingdom

One of the scariest moments for any webmaster is when their website goes down. Instead of fretting about the scenario, become proactive and open a web monitoring account. Your boss or customers will be relieved to know that you were alerted to the issue and are looking into the problem.  And no, these services won’t cost you a king’s ransom.

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The Case for Examining Your URLs

404 error page example

Sometimes, it’s the small items you don’t know about that bite you. After a poor support experience with my first web hosting company, I decided to move my site. I talked to the new company’s sales rep beforehand and felt confident I made the right decision. Except, there was one question I didn’t even know to ask about until various URLs showed 404 server errors. It’s what I call the “capital crime”.

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