Simple Errors that Scare Buyers

Maintaining a website takes effort. This is especially true if you use SSL because it can scare people if not configured correctly. However, I was a bit surprised to see a certificate error this morning from My initial thought was they are a well known retailer so maybe this was an outlier case. Even so, no prospect likes to see the words “your connection is not private” or “unsafe”.
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No Tears EU Cookie Banners

I don’t want to debate the issue of the EU’s cookie law, especially for webmasters outside the area. The bottom line is that some 3rd party services, like Google AdSense, want you to comply. The good news is there are many solutions. One of these is also a great example of how one company took a growing problem and created a free and useful tool that builds loyalty. The product is called Cookie Consent by Silktide.

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Mass Mobile Madness

This week, I got one of those warning messages from Google Webmaster Tools for one of my domains. These emails are a great service, but they can also raise your blood pressure. The gist of the warning was one of my websites wasn’t mobile-friendly. My heart sank as I read the details and saw the words “critical” and “rankings” in the same paragraph. [Read more…]

Look Both Ways When Researching WordPress PlugIns

Recently, I was doing a search for plug-ins to fix a specific problem. It was easy to find and install using Plugins and Add New from within WordPress. However, the info that displayed was a subset of what was available. In hindsight, I wish I had done the same search against because it would’ve saved me some heartache.  [Read more…]

Mixed Content Warnings and HTTPS Changes

I plan on doing a longer post on the process of switching over to HTTPS. As you might guess, it’s not as easy as you think. Until I resolve the remaining issues, you’ll most likely see some mixed content warnings in your browser. That’s because both “secure” and “insecure”content is being served. If the page doesn’t look correct in your browser, you can accept the “insecure” content and it will look fine.  I’ve posted some shots of how different browsers show the error.  [Read more…]

Moving to HTTPS

Google recently indicated that HTTPS will be a ranking factor. That started some discussion with folks as to whether that would be enough of an incentive for people to change. I think it’s a good move on Google’s part, but not sure it will move the needle. I think making the move is something to investigate. I thought this would be a good challenge for me. Will it be easy for me to move to HTTPS, or will I find it cumbersome? [Read more…]