How to Track Projects with G Suite and Asana

I really should read Google’s blog more as they have some nice articles. Although I use G-Suite, I don’t use Asana for task or project management. However, I know this service is widely popular so I suspect there are folks that can benefit from this integration. The article also includes a 3-minute video that shows integration examples.

Businesses are using Asana and G Suite to collaborate and manage projects from start to finish. Asana is a project management tool that helps teams plan, manage and track work, and is a part of the Recommended for G Suite program. With these two tools, your organization can:

  • Create tasks in Asana directly from Gmail
  • Add files directly from Google Drive to tasks in Asana
  • Keep track of deadlines by syncing your tasks in Asana with Google Calendar
  • Build custom reports in Google Sheets to analyze project data in Asana

Source: Track projects with G Suite and Asana

Careful When Choosing Your Ad Partners

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