Careful When Choosing Your Ad Partners

For many of us who have been using Google AdSense to monetize our sites, we’ve seen steep declines in revenues. Of course, this varies based on your settings. The decline is mostly due to people using ad blockers. On the flip side, I get several advertising inquiries per week from unknown ad companies. Usually, the pitch tells me I can get a much better ROI using their system because of some new technology.

I spotted a story on one of my security feeds that told the sad tale of a website that hooked up with the wrong ad partner. I thought it was important because sometimes we don’t dig deeper into our prospective partners. So, the next time you get a business inquiry, make sure you do your due diligence. It’s tough to gain back your reputation. And, this is just another good reason to have a test site.

The full story is available from the Source link below.

Investigating the site, I found ads, all of which can be characterized as deceptive. Besides offering tech support, some of the ads offered video players for download or even suggested that the user has to log in to the site, offering a made-up login form. If a user clicks on these ads, the user is sent to many different redirects.

Source: InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog – Internet Storm Center Diary 2017-06-07