If you got to this page, you’re probably curious about this site. It’s designed to teach non-technical people about different aspects of running a website. Think of the small business owner who is juggling multiple roles, of which webmaster is just one. Or, maybe you’re the nonprofit employee who got assigned the role when your boss left.

I can’t speak for you, but my hosting company didn’t give me an owner’s manual when I got my first domain. To this day, I’ve yet to find the definitive operator’s manual for running a website. I have seen a lot of bad advice and schemes.

Looking back, there were questions I should’ve asked that could’ve prevented frustration and gotten me closer to my desired outcome. I didn’t know enough then to ask good questions. I was the unconscious incompetent. Those years of trial and error taught me a lot and provided the basis for many of these stories.

I’m certain I will make mistakes on this site. This might be the result of something I’m testing like a service or tool. And on occasion, I may take an unconventional stand and present my view. I’ve also learned that there can be more than one right answer, and often the first answer isn’t best.

As with the stories on this site, I hope you can learn from these mistakes as well. And don’t be afraid to call me out if you see something wrong. Sometimes, you can get too close to your own site and not see the obvious things.

All I ask is if you learn something from this site, act on it. Then pass it along to someone else who can benefit.


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